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The shop and what we do

Find us in our shop which is located at 140 Queen Margaret Drive in Glasgow. Drop in or call us on 0141 946 7515. We have three tattooists, Nadia (petite and dynamic), Gary (much less petite, slightly less dynamic) and Abz (brand new, fresh out the wrapper) and one apprentice, Mark (much more petite, slightly less dynamic).

We do tattoos (duh) and piercings (double duh). We do all kinds of tattoos from old school to neo-traditional to trash polka.

Tattoo wall of fame

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Nadia got into tattooing the right way!
That is, she badgered every tattooist she knew of until she finally got an apprenticeship then put up with working with assholes for a few years until she got her own shop.

Nadia's mother (a very cool lady) was the only tattooed person she knew as a child. She had a rose on her right breast, tattooed by the Legend that was Terry Wrigley. Terry also gave Nadia her first tattoo, paid for by her Mum.

If Nadia could have a superpower it would be the power of teleportation, as she doesn't like waiting and she'd always rather be lying in a hammock in paradise.

Nadia's favourite tattoo of her own changes all the time as she's always adding to her collection.
Her favourite tattoos on Gary is the owl on the back of his head, as it's a cracker and it makes heads turn and makes folk think he's all tough and scary, which he really is not!

Nadia's first tattoo was a Japanese character on her right shoulder blade meaning angel. Be warned kids, this is why you don't get tattooed too young!

Nadia's favourite style of tattoo to do is anything challenging or unusual! She enjoys most styles, as long as her customer is satisfied with the result, that makes her happy.

On the other hand, Nadia's favourite style to see depends on the person. Some well executed neo traditional, plain old school and realistic impress her the most. Also, the bigger, the better.

During a zombie apocalypse Nadia would hide behind Gary, as she is 100% sure he has every detail planned to a T.

Nadia, like most tattooists, is an arty person and likes to express herself in other ways. She paints occasionally when she has the time and inclination. She sometimes sews and can make her own clobber if the notion takes her. She has a beautiful old singer sewing machine which was her grandmothers.

Nadia's favourite movies include such classic titles as Amelie, Fight Club, Death Proof, Kill Bill, Happy Gilmore and Django.

Nadia wants to ask Gary, what he really gets up to in the toilet for all that time?

Don't queue jump Nadia, especially in traffic, if you value your life!

Not only has Nadia met Ed Sheeran, she's tattooed him! He chatted about his gig at the o2 that night but she wasn't bright enough to try and wangle some free tickets...d'oh!


Tattooing was something that Gary has always had an interest in, he fell into an apprenticeship at 18 and has never looked back.

His first ever tattoo was a celtic knot on his arm and his most recent tattoo was done on his chest.

Gary's favourite style of tattoos to do are Japanese and traditional.

On the other hand, Gary's favourite style to see is trash polka.

Gary assumed he'd have a superpower when a genetically modified mongoose bit him but, disappointingly, eff all happened.

Gary doesn't really have a favourite tattoo on himself but he does have a few that mean a lot to him.
His favourite tattoo on Nadia is the zombie Pikachu that he done for her.

Gary loves most movies.

Gary's most burning question to ask his colleagues is "is that the kettle on?"

Gary is always grumpy, something to do with having two kids.

Gary met a man named J Saville once, no wait, that's too obvious, let's call him Jimmy S, but he doesn't like to talk about it.

Gary's been planning how to survive in a zombie apocalypse since the day he was born.


Abz studied Graphic Design plus Art and Design at college, her tattooing career started out designing tattoos for friends. Taking her portfolio around tattoo shops they saw the potential in her which gave her a boost and the confidence to work her way up to where she is now.

Her first ever tattoo is a faded flower on her arm, it's shitty but not shitty enough to cover or remove.

On the other hand, Abz's most recent tattoo was done by Little Si and is Homer Simpson dressed as a Daruma Doll.

Abz is all about flying and that's the superpower she'd have. Sure beats sitting in traffic!

Abz's favourite tattoo on herself is a magic lamp on her arm as she's always wishing and loves Aladdin.

Abz can't go a day without drawing something.

Abz in 5 words would be described as "live life with positive vibes"

If Abz could be instantly excellent at something she currently can't do at all, it would be play the piano.

In a zombie apocalypse Abz would grab a crossbow and get a high vantage point in a warehouse full of food (wouldn't we all?).

Abz's brother was on Britain's Got Talent and she got to meet Ant and Dec and Stephen Mulhern!


Mark got into tattooing through solid hard work and sheer good luck.

To get his, now extensive, tattoo collection started, Mark's very first tattoo was one of his mum's initials on his wrist. Aw!

Marks chosen superpower would be total control of the force as the force is a Jedi's most powerful ally.

Mark's favourite tattoo of his own is the one of Cartman screaming GOD DAMN HIPPIES!!!
His favourite tattoos on his colleagues are the flytrap on Nadia's arm and the owl on Gary's heid.

If Mark was a cartoon character, this is the outfit he'd wear every day forever.

Mark's favourite style of tattoo to do is traditional.

On the other hand, Mark's favourite style to see is Japanese.

Mark's most recent tattoo is a beardy skull!

Mark pure loves a bit of art and has decided that the best way to express himself, artistically, is by smoking Cuban cigars. Apparently "Raymond" says it's an art form.

Mark's favourite movies are: Braveheart, Gladiator, Oldboy and Dog Day Afternoon.

Mark would ask Gary "Who would win in a fist fight between you and Nadia?" and he would ask Nadia "What would you do after beating Gary in a fist fight?".

If Mark only has one doughnut left then you better leave it alone or you'll feel the full force of his rage!

Mark has spoken to Paulo Nutini, given the chance to ask the musical superstar any question he quizzed him over the secret to the success of his dad's potato fritters.

During a zombie apocalypse Mark would be completely safe at all times. Zombies eat brains you see.


Darren doesn't have a PC or a Mac, he's never had a cup of coffee, he'd rather be a super villain than a super hero, hates coleslaw and would join the zombies in a zombie apocalypse. WTF!

His earliest tattoo related memory (sort of) was drawing on his arms in Modern Studies class.

Darren's favourite style of tattoos are black work and dot work but he has a soft spot for Japanes style.

Darren is iPhone loyal and his first tattoo was a loving tribute to his favourite band, Breaking Benjamin.

Darren's favourite tattoo on each of his colleagues are, Nadia's paradise scene featuring Storm, Gary's Johnny Cash portrait, Mark's rajin and Abz's leopard.

If Darren had a superpower it would be to have his tattoos come to life to paralyse people. As you do.

As well as doing piercing and having tattoos Darren also likes doing a bit of photography.

Darren's favourite movie is Donnie Darko / Seven Pounds / Kingpin / Interview With a Vampire / The Air I Breathe / The Shining / Heat. Good to see you narrowed it down a bit Darren.

If work was cancelled Darren would drive to somewhere he's never been before and take a photo of something interesting.


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